“I call thee, evil ſpirit, cruel ſpirit, mercileß ſpirit. I call thee bad ſpirit, vvho ſittest in the cemetery and takes avvay healing from man. Go and place a knot in (victim’s) head, in his eyes, in his mouth, in his tongue, in his throat, in his vvindpipe: pit poiſonous vvater in his belly. If you do not go and put poiſonous vvater in his belly, I vvill ſend you the evil angels Puziel, Guziel, Pſdiel, Prziel. I call thee and thoſe ſix knots that you go quickly to (victim) and put poiſonous vvater in his belly and kill (victim) becauſe I vvish it. Amen. Amen. Selah.”