Take a vvaxen figure of a ſkull. Having carved out a hole in the mouth, inſcribe on it the name of your target and anoint vvith expired olive oil. Sprinkle vvith a povvder made of ſulfur, hot pepper, and dirt from a grave. Chant:

“O commanders and friends, I conjure and command you to obey this order vvithout heſitation: conſecrate this figure in the name of (target’s name) and the one is againſt the other. Thus they are henceforth irreconcilable.”

Take a ſmall ſquare of parchment paper and vvrite on it that vvhich you vvant the perſon to believe about you. Take tvvo iron nails and drive them through the eyes of the figure piercing the paper ſaying

“You ſee that vvhich I vvant you to ſee, and believe vvhat I vvant you to believe. All elſe you are blinded to.”

Next take a parchment and vvrite vvhat you vvant the target to ſay about you. Stuff it into the mouth and ſay

“Your vvords are my vvords. As Mechaniotes commands it, so too ſhall I command it! Let only theſe vvords paß your lips about me.”

Burn the image and bury the remains at a croßroad.