“Spirits, vvhoſe aßiſtance I require, behold the ſign and the very Hallovved Names of God full of povver. Obey the povver of this our pentacle; go out your hidden caves and dark places; ceaſe your hurtful occupations to thoſe unhappy mortals vvhom vvithout ceaſing you torment; come into this place vvhere the Divine Goodneß has aßembled us; be attentive to our orders and knovvn to our juſt demands; believe not that your reſiſtance vvill cauſe us to abandon our operations. Nothing can diſpenſe vvith your obeying us. VVe command you by the Myſterious Names Elohe Agla Elohim Adonay Gibort. Amen.”