Take a veßel in the likeneß of a ſkull if one cannot be obtained. VVaſh the ſolid ingredients in ſpring vvater ſteeped vvith leaves ſacred to the Spirit being enthroned. Create a ſigil on parchment to be placed vvithin the veßel and add it. Add novv the ſolid materials along vvith any other bones, coins, metals, plant ſeeds, dirts, tree ſhavings, ſtones, and other things ſacred to the entity. Having added a capſule of mercury, offer the entity libations of vvine or alcohol, fumigations, and blood. VVhiſper the prayer or incantation and blovv air into the veßel and ſeal vvith beeſvvax. For the next three nights light a candle and pray to the entity.