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There is a world behind our own. A world of shadows, of old gods, and those beings who weave our Fate. This is the world manifested in the renowned photo project The Sabbathby Allan Spiers Photography. One of the most trusted tools to communicate with this world is the Tarot. This unique and captivating deck based on The Sabbath captures the potency and influence that walks around us unseen. During their creation our altars are lit and hymns and chants of evocation are recited. Their design evolves on its own as if guided by an unseen hand. Once complete we let the card speaks and match it to its suit, adding any specific elements such as disks, vessels, staffs, or blades. Whether you are a collector of Tarot, a diviner, or an appreciator of art, this deck will add an esoteric intrigue to any collection.

They should be anointed by fallen drops of sacred oil, libated with the drops of spilled wine, or tears shed that fall where they are spread, they should inhale the smoke of incense and catch the embers and wax of candles, each deal of the cards lending its own mark to the deck like a memory.

The deck itself will be 88mm x 126mm (roughly 3.5x5in) and will be printed on 400 GSM Art Paper with a high quality soft matte finish to preserve the vividness of the imagery. The cards will have a red foil pentagram on the back and gold foil titles on the front, and each card will contain spot UV details of the elemental and astrological symbols. This deck with have a rich matte red edge to enhance the aesthetic lending to its overall witchiness.

Alongside the deck, we've included The Sabbath Compendium, a companion book with each of the card’s meaning as well as spreads and rites of witchcraft that can be done using the spirits channeled through this deck.

All of this comes in a high-quality soft matte lamination flip box with The Sabbath Pentagram in red foil and spot UV title on the inside.