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The Sabbath – The Beginning

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Rise ye witches, hear the Midnight Trumpet call! Course through the nocturnal air and reach the covenstead! Drum beats sound in the distance among the black soot of the bonfires! Devils scratch their Hellish cords on stringed instruments, and the roar of horns shout their incantations! From the Pit ascends the Goat of Mendes to take His throne among His revealing horde, to claw away their baptismal marks and anoint them with His infernal seed! Rise ye witches, listen to these sinful sounds and Attend the Sabbath!


      1. Herald
      2. Journey
      3. Gathering
      4. Ritual
      5. Dance
      6. Adoration
      7. Summon
      8. Lord
      9. Osculum
      10. Offering
      11. Contract
      12. Mark
      13. Adoration

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