The Beginning

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The Sabbath Album


The Beginning

01 – Herald

The Herald sounds his horn, echoing the call throughout the night air to his fellow witches signaling the Sabbath is at hand! Those who hear it turn their gaze toward the Darkness and echo back that they are ready to join the Midnight Ride.

02 – Journey

As the world sleeps, they stir and set out to walk the crooked path. The lanterns are dimmed, the ointments applied, and as the spirit of the plants take their hold the witches take to the sky on their nocturnal pursuit of their assembly.

03 – Gathering

The bonfire roars and the drums let out their thunderous cries letting the Deep know they are met. The Legions of Night converge on their sacred place by land, by sea, and by the twisting air to celebrate their black rites.

04 – Ritual

The Circle is drawn and the Gates are opened. One by one the spirits are conjured and the dead are risen from their tombs to bear witness to this dark ritual.

05 – Dance

The witches drink the nightshade wine and begin to feel the rhythm of the Celestial Spheres. They form a circle and let the tides of the drums overtake them swirling in harmony with the wheeling pole.

06 – Adoration

Coming soon.

07 – Summon

Now is the hour when Night is blackest, witches utter their infernal incantations to summon the Goat. In the haze of their conjurings His hoofsteps draw closer until all bow to the bellow of the Beast.

08 – Lord

Coming soon.

09 – Osculum

Take to your knee, witch, and perform the Promiscuous Kiss. Cast aside your inhibitions and let Him lead you toward the gift of power and pleasure.

10 – Offering

Each of His supplicants hold before them a black candle and approach the ebony throne. They must give of themselves to receive the witches’ gifts. 

11 – Contract

Coming soon.

12 – Mark

Coming soon.

13 – Ascension

Rise Ye Witches! As light as shadows, rise through the dancing trees! Like the bonfire’s soaring embers that mingle with the starry skies, ascend, and take flight!