About the Artist

Allan Spiers

Peru has always been a center for folk magic and curious religious practices for centuries. As the birthplace of “The Sabbath” artist and photographer, Allan Spiers, it planted a seed whose roots would remain with him throughout his life. Since childhood Allan has always been fascinated in exploring the dark world of the occult. He has studied various forms of witchcraft and occult religion from around the world, he himself initiated in Haitian Vodou, and a practitioner of Religio Romana, the polytheistic religion of ancient Rome, and in 2011 opened the world renowned online occult store, The Vodou Store.

But his world was always split into two, one spiritual, one mundane. Beginning his photography career as a fitness photographer he worked with a lot of models and companies that held firmly Christian beliefs. In order for him to build his fitness photography brand he decided to keep a side of him hidden, that is until 2016.

With the fitness photography industry saturated with mediocrity and copy cat photographers he finally felt it was time to merge the two aspects of himself. He utilized his immense talent for graphic art with his already infamous fitness photography, as well as his spiritual practice of witchcraft to create a project no other photographer could touch. Thus “The Sabbath” was born. An homage to The Devil Himself, and those who revel in His honor!