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The Oracle

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The Cards of The Sabbath Tarot have been conjured, each whispering their prophecies. Now delve deeper into the Mysteries, pull forth hidden secrets to all matters past, present, and future! The Sabbath Oracle is the Second Sight for all diviners, lending to us the ancient powers of witchcraft, the unseen movers of the Cosmos. This deck is an extension and companion to The Sabbath Tarot which can be combined with or used alongside its predecessor. Take the Greater Arcana from The Sabbath Tarot and add it to The Sabbath Oracle to create The Greater Oracle, magnifying its power!

The Kingdom of The Heavens

The white Throne
The Court of The Wanderers
The guardians

The Kingdom of The Earth

The black Throne
The assembly

The Kingdom of The Inferno

The red Throne
The Court of devils
The Untamed

The Kingdom of The Shades

The nameless Throne
the court of the dead
the spirits

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