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The Witch Queen

She is Gulfora, the Queen of the Sabbath. She is the Mother of Witches and her power knows no limit. Here she sits taloned as the legendary witches of Thessaly seated on her horned servant, ...

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The Witch's Broom

When one hears the word “witch” it often conjures the image of a hag riding a broom with a conical hat and feline familiar taking to the skies in pursuit of The Sabbath. Symbolically the broom...

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The Devil's Arcana

he Devil’s Arcana is going to work with the deck in a few ways, by giving the reader the opportunity to switch out the Lucifer card, or to keep all three in the deck for some amazing revelat...

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The Sabbath represents the wild, the untamable, that which exists at the edge of society in the liminal darkness. Because it makes people uncomfortable, shows them things they wish to keep h...

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