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The Runes have been a trusted divination system for witches for centuries. As time moved forward, the system changed, as humankind’s need for them changed, they evolved, and entire systems of magic were born from their power. These ancient symbols are more than mere alphabets; they are keys to the mystical and the divine. Each rune holds deep, arcane meanings imbued with powerful magic to connect our world with the Gods and the Fates Themselves. Traditionally carved into stones, weapons, and talismans, runes were used not only to record events and mark ownership but also to invoke protection, strength, and prosperity. Fehu draws in wealth and abundance, Uruz grants vitality and healing, while Þurisaz offers powerful protection against negativity. Ansuz connects you to divine wisdom and insight, and Raiðo ensures safe journeys and guides spiritual quests. The Sabbath Runes are a powerful link to their ancient wisdom, made into a set of 24 vivid cards that embody each rune with the photography of master photographer and artist, Allan Spiers. Witches, embrace these sacred symbols to unlock the secrets of the ancients, reveal your destiny, and empower your journey with The Sabbath Runes.


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