“The subject matter of these photographs focuses on the beauty of the male form, and spotlights an often overlooked area of witchcraft, that of the male practitioner.”

Coby Michael Ward / Patheos

· Photographer Captures the Power and Beauty of the Male Practitioner in ‘The Sabbath’

“Spiers has used his experience, his personal interests, and professional know-how to focus his own occult-based imagery on men and men’s bodies…”

Heather Greene / The Wild Hunt

· Honoring the body and the occult with artist Allan Spiers – Part 1
· Honoring the body through the occult with artist Allan Spiers – Part 2

“Not only is this deck filled with potency and stunning artwork, but it teaches the reader how to divine and incorporate the cards into their witchcraft.”

Ashé Journal Online

· Sabbath Tarot (Kickstarter)