The “Hand of Glory” Pendant

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Of all the witch’s tools, the Hand of Glory remains one of the most coveted. This object, which can be either the left hand of a criminal that has been mummified, or a mandrake root that is shaped like a left hand, has incredible protective and obstacle removing properties. For thieves, it is believed that when made into a candle and lit, the Hand of Glory will keep any occupants within the house asleep, and as a familiar, can open any locks. 

But it is also a remarkable talisman for witches who aren’t thieves as well. It has the power to remove obstacles that may be in our way, It can also render the Evil Eye, hexes, or curses inert so they can’t work against you. Wear this incredible talisman to gain its remarkable powers and let it forever unlock all doors and roads that may be closed to you!

Size: 34x50mm (1.34 x 1.97in)

Available chains:

Cable chain (Included)
Size: 65cm (25.6in)
Material: Zink alloy

Ball chain (Optional)
Size: 76cm (30in)
Material: Stainless steel