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The Sabbath represents the wild, the untamable, that which exists at the edge of society in the liminal darkness. Because it makes people uncomfortable, shows them things they wish to keep hidden, it is under attack. Companies such as Paypal and Patreon as well as various printers and social media platforms have demeaned and devalued the project, debasing it as pornography because it shows the nude male form. They have not even a basic grasp of artistic context or history. They seek to censor my project, and Patreon specifically demanded I delete it from my own photography website if I wished to continue using their platform. Every printer I contacted in the United States refused to print it due to not only the nudity, but because it is coupled with the celebration of witchcraft. Various social media platforms rejected any attempts I made to create advertisements despite making sure to censor any nudity.

This is a very personal attack by Puritan America, the very thing the project fights against. It reinforces that our society’s moral standards are defined by conservatives who are part of the various Abrahamic faiths. Because of their archaic views on nudity and sexuality, particularly when it comes to the male form, our liberties are suppressed and subjected to their unnatural scorn for the human body. We see this throughout Western society as recently as Tumblr and Patreon aggressively attacking anything and anyone they deemed to go against the “safety” of the community. The safety… their destructive campaign against the liberated form is an affront to Nature, and to free expression.This is real, and it is harmful to not only this project, but free artistic expression as a whole. Eroticism in art is as old as time and we will not submit, and we will not be silenced, and we will not be defined by their sick moral code.


  • So funny I found this site from a facebook ad but I’m so glad I did. Love your work keep doing what you are doing! Can’t wait until my tarot deck gets here! \m/

  • When the student is ready the teacher is in the garden.

  • Dear Allan,

    We think and feel in a different way from the present Western society. Let me tell you that your art has given me energy and strength to better know me and express my personality despite censorship and prejudice of society. Keep doing your art; keep sharing your faith. Shine your light!

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