The Sabbath represents the wild, the untamable, that which exists at the edge of society in the liminal darkness. Because it makes people uncomfortable, shows them things they wish to keep hidden, it is under attack.

Companies such as Paypal and Patreon have demeaned and devalued the project, reducing it to pornography because it shows the male form in a state of ecstasy and arousal. They have not even a basic grasp of artistic context or history. They seek to censor my project, and Patreon specifically demanded I delete it from my own photography website if I wished to continue using their platform.

This is a very personal attack by Puritan America, the very thing the project fights against. This is real, and it is harmful to not only this project, but free artistic expression as a whole. Eroticism in art is as old as time and we will not submit, and we will not be silenced.

The project has now moved from my photography website to its own page where I am showcasing it as it evolves into a vividly comprehensive photo grimoire and most recently divination decks.