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The Hidden World of The Sabbath Tarot – The Ladies

Within the tradition of the tarot, the Queens, here the Ladies, represent the power of the feminine. Oftentimes the emphasis is placed on those traditional roles of motherhood, such as the nurturing and supportive qualities that come with raising children, or the emphasis is placed on a woman who is independent and unreliant on masculine authority, yet that language still roots the meaning and symbolism in gender roles. Within The Sabbath Tarot, the Ladies represent mastery over witchcraft. They are Witch Queens who are authorities, drawing their power from the Moon. Each Lady represents the power of each Moon phase that looms behind them, lending its power. Not only is this practical for the purpose of divination, but it also orients the witch to which Moon phase is best for their witchcraft allowing them an easy way to remember the best time to perform their spellwork.

The Lady of Blades

She draws down the power of the Waning Moon, and the element of Air. This is the time to banish negative or unwanted energies, to cast in the pursuit of wisdom, intellect, and intuition. It is also a time to do powerful reversal work. As the Moon grows darker it casts out the darkness and malice enemies may be throwing your way, absorbing it into Herself. Like the Blade, this phase is defensive, so any witchcraft that defends is done at this time.

The Lady of Disks

She draws down the power of the Waxing Moon, and the element of Earth. Spells for money and abundance are cast during the Waxing Moon. As the Moon increases Her silver stock, so too does the witch. This is a time to do work for the material, for the home, and for blessings of fertility. Like the Disk, this phase provides, so any witchcraft that increases is done at this time.

The Lady of Staffs

She draws down the power of the New Moon, and the element of Fire. This phase is very empowering for witches, it is a time of new beginnings, willpower, creativity, action, and the unlimited possibilities of a witch’s intentions. As the Moon of enthusiasm and ambition, it is also a time to do spellwork to manifest wishes. The New Moon is directly tied to witchcraft of darker intentions. It is the time to cast for justice and vengeance. The Darkness makes it a perfect time for curses and maleficia. Like the Staff, this phase is offensive, so any witchcraft that attacks is done at this time.

The Lady of Vessels

She draws down the power of the Full Moon, and the element of Water. This is the phase where the Moon is at Her most powerful. It is a time to bring wholeness to your witchcraft, and rules over emotions, relationships, and love. It is also the perfect time to perform rituals for healing and vitality, beauty, and protection. The Full Moon is the mirror that enhances divination, and the light that illuminates psychic abilities. It is the glory of the Moon’s horns coming together lending powerful protective energy. Like the Vessel, this phase reflects, so any witchcraft that enhances and reveals is done at this time.

While they do represent the feminine powers, the Ladies of The Sabbath Tarot more importantly are a witch’s teachers, helping us master our witchcraft and manifest our intentions. Outside of a reading session, they get us intune with the power of the Moon familiarizing us with each of Her faces.

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